Swood Coffee House is a store for coffee lovers! We extend an invitation for an experience to fall in love with your favorite coffee mugs and apparel. We make moments with coffee fun and enjoyable. It doesn’t matter if you are at home or on the go, we believe that the love of coffee can follow you wherever you go. Swood Coffee specialize in the most beautiful designed coffee mugs, created and designed by our graphic designers. This also includes our very own specialized signature design's of totes, apparel, and socks collection named “Coffee Girl”!

Swood Coffee believes in treating your daily coffee with love, compassion, and in the best designed Coffee Mugs! Swood is originated by one of the worlds best coffee drinkers! We believe that you and your coffee should feel amazing after every sip!!
At Swood Coffee we enjoy the favorite moments of drinking coffee, and we realized that drinking coffee is a way of living for most! Not only just the moment in which we consume our favorite beverage but also the place. Rather if it is in your home, kitchen, favorite coffee shop, outdoors on the patio, or in your favorite garden. Sharing a cup of coffee with a loved one, family or friend are the moments we enjoy.
We are a family owned business that wanted to design creative art on ceramic mugs. One of our best time with our family is during the morning and evenings. Which is when a cup of java is shared and coversation is brewing. Drinking coffee in a beautiful coffee mug and in a comfortable space is a lovely moment. Here at Swood, we enjoy drinking coffee and we love to share our enthusiasm with other coffee lovers from all over the world. The creative process in which we design and manufacture our products is done with happiness and enjoyment.